Transformation Workshops

come_to_the_edge_he_said400x471_141282951From silence to abundance

This practical transformative workshop will enable participants to bring stillness in their lives which can then be filled with creative ideas to release their true potential. You will feel energised and start the process of abundance.

The workshop will include.

  • Creating silence to release creative energies in your environment.
  • Reviewing the past year and dropping all the baggage.
  • Creating and receiving abundance with gratitude.
  • Ease, power and secrets of manifesting abundance.
  • Dropping unhealthy beliefs.
  • Taking skilful actions to generate success.

For more information and booking on this workshop please contact me.

Running a conscious business


This transformative workshop will take participants through a process of releasing their inner potential so that they are enabled to run their business through their consciousness and essence and build on their knowledge and wisdom.

The workshop will include.

  • The meaning of conscious business.
  • Identifying your purpose through your consciousness.
  • Who you are as a business person.
  • Growing from within and expressing creativity.
  • Effects of your conscious business on people and the environment.
  • Manifesting success.
  • Your strategy with consciousness.
  • Skilful action plan

For more information and booking on this workshop, please contact me.

Starting a conscious business

Many businesses are started without a deep sense of purpose and often struggle to make a living. Running a conscious business, based on the founder’s deeply held belief and consciousness to provide authentic service to clients creates a condition for achieving success.

Topics will include.

  • What is a conscious business?
  • Examining deeply held beliefs to support customers with integrity.
  • Defining a model of success to include needs of your customers, your staff and benefits to the community and the environment.
  • Skill analysis and sources of business ideas.
  • Business and action planning template.
  • Developing your business.

For more information and booking on this workshop, please contact me.

In-house training

In-house training to introduce and develop the ideas and practice of conscious business can be offered to include authentic leadership, managing with compassion, managing time and resources, managing stress, creating a culture of cooperation, creative management skills and other areas.