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It is now an established fact that we are not our pain or suffering, emotions, the mind and the physical body. Sounds strange! Let me give you an example:

Suppose you are feeling sad or depressed. You know that you are experiencing these emotions. Therefore, you are able to see or observe these emotions. Try it and you will see what I mean!

By detaching yourself from your experience, by seeing or observing the experience, the real you – your consciousness is not involved in the experience. It simply observes. Therefore the effect of the experience is felt in the right perspective. The negative experience in the above example is then felt less or may even go away!

We often over-sensationalise our suffering. Some people may even think that their world is coming to an end. This never happens. After a while, or a long while, they realise that they had wrongly associated themselves with their suffering. We are never, never, our suffering!

When we are having an experience which, for example, is based on a positive emotion, we often become attached to it and want it to last for ever. And, it never does. By observing our positive experience, we can enjoy it while it lasts but also learn to accept that our experience will not last for ever. Nothing does. As Buddha said

All conditioned things are impermanent.
When one sees this with wisdom,
One turns away from suffering

So, next time you face a situation in which you associate yourself with suffering or any other emotion, access your consciousness.

Finally, as Lao Tzu said,
The key to growth is introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.

My deep Namaste!

© Harish Davda