“Harish helped me to resolve some very deep past issues and was very astute in knowing which Journey Process he would need to use. He is professional, focused, supportive, and I felt very safe during our sessions. I am so grateful to have been able to clear so many old patterns and beliefs and feeling calmer and able to deal with situations differently.”
Isobel Gordon – EFT Practitioner & Therapist.

“I have undergone a number of processes with Harish Davda, I consider him a gifted practitioner and coach. The processes brought much healing and relief. I was able to unblock emotions that were buried for many years. This was liberating beyond measure. I was particularly helped in recognising and dealing with my inappropriate patterns, dealing with issues from the past and unleashing my creativity in my art (painting).
I recommend Harish to anyone who wants to be in touch with themselves and remove unwanted barriers to peace and harmony in their personal life.
M C – Artist

“I met Harish in the Course of Practitioner Programme for ‘The Journey’ and in the course of the year I had opportunity to work with him, be his client and get to know him as a person and a competent professional. Harish is enthusiastic, energetic and has high levels of empathy. His understanding of human psyche and a diverse work experience enhances what he has to offer to his clients as a Journey Practitioner. I have been impressed with Harish’s work and business ethic. He operates in a conscious way which makes working with him thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing experience.”
Dr Sabina Hussain, MD (O&G), MRCOG, MSc Public Health (LSHTM)
Specialist in Public Health and Gynaecologist

“I have recently completed three Journey processes with Harish Davda. Harish immediately put me at my ease and was calming and reassuring throughout each process. The first process was an Emotional Journey Process The second was a Designer Journey process, and we successfully reframed some past memories during this process. The final and third process was concerned with changing my beliefs and installing my truth and authenticity.
After these three processes I felt calm and much less attached to the emotions they brought up and these feelings have remained with me since the sessions.
Harish Davda is a gifted Journey Practitioner who I am sure will assist many people with confidence and calmness.”
Margaret Trowell – Holistic Health Practitioner

“I had three processes with Harish and although I was a bit apprehensive to start with, I found that the processes were eye openers. They helped me to release blocked emotions in a positive way, think clearly about my past relationships, and to resolve the issues which were important to me. I found Harish to be professional in his approach to Journey processes and he made me feel comfortable. He was always attentive to my needs.”
Glynis Foord – Holistic Therapist

“Harish has worked with me several times. He is encouraging, helpful and creative in ways to bring out and release pain and stress hidden in emotions. I can definitely recommend him and his skills! ”
Mona Gafvelin, Consultant, HR and Organisational Development