Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions


Like many Journey Practitioners/Therapists, I’m not a medical doctor. If you have a severe physical or mental medical condition, I strongly recommend that you see your doctor and seek medical advice. Although I cannot give any medical advice, my therapy, which is without any drugs, can provide support in conjunction with other treatment and it may accelerate your healing.

Like with any healing work, results cannot be guaranteed. There are many approaches to healing and transformation and an individual should choose an approach which is suitable and agreeable to him/her. With Journey Processes, based on Brandon Bays’ ground-breaking, unique approach, backed up with modern science, thousands of people have experienced results. Why not try a process and give yourself a chance to assess the results? You may be on to an exciting and joyful journey!

Terms and Conditions

To get maximum results, before a Journey process or a transformation workshop you are advised to not consume alcohol or any drugs except prescribed medication.

Payment for Journey processes and workshops should be paid in advance.

Any payment paid for Journey processes will not be refunded if they are cancelled without 48 hours’ notice. For any issues regarding Journey processes please contact me.

Occasionally I’m able to help and reduce my fees for those clients who may be facing financial hardship.