Journey Packages

Before I work with clients, I like to have a 15-20 minute no obligation conversation on the telephone or via Skype to assess what their needs are.

I’ll then recommend a selection of processes. To get maximum results in transformation, I usually recommend 3 to 5 processes based on clients’ needs. If clients have done some Journey work or attended any of Brandon Bays’ programmes then 1-2 processes may be sufficient. Before the first Journey Process the client is asked to complete a confidential questionnaire about their current situation. This saves time in the first session.


The starting point for all Journey work is usually an Emotional Journey. This then leads on to other processes.

1. For Individuals (3-5 processes)

  • Emotional Journey: This process identifies emotional blocks at a deep level. By removing these blocks, a high sense of release is experienced and prepares the client for personal transformation. Often, physical issues are dealt with by this process.
  • Physical Journey: This process is designed specifically to identify physical issues or illnesses which have their roots in blocked emotions or memories at cellular level. By identifying blocked memories and dealing with them, the healing begins to take place.
  • Life Purpose Journey: This process identifies the client’s purpose at the deepest level possible. The emotions and memories which block achievement of purpose are cleared.
  • Ego Process: This process uses Enneagram analysis to identify main ego fixations. This then leads to making appropriate choices to break unhealthy patterns.
  • Designer Journey Process: This process identifies the cause of specific issues. For example, unhealthy beliefs, unhealthy vows and a variety of disempowering patterns including emotional blocks to creating abundance.

2. For Small Business owners

Same as for Individuals: In addition to this, business coaching is offered to clear emotional blocks so that clients are able to manifest abundance in their personal and business lives.

3. For Medium-Sized and Corporate Organisations

Every organisation is different in relation to its culture, structure and past history. The starting point will be to work individually with key people using appropriate processes combined with group sessions and tailored coaching. Group sessions and coaching can also be designed with people working at other levels of the organisation.

4. Tailored mentoring for individuals, business owners and managers

Depending on their needs I work with clients to provide ongoing support and a safe environment for development. It may include work/life balance, self- confidence, self-perception, stress management and setting and achieving desired personal and professional outcomes.