There is a tendency for many people to live or be ‘in the mind’ or ‘in their emotions’. Often the intelligence of the body is forgotten or ignored.

In Journey Therapy and coaching, as a Therapist and a coach, I emphasise and enable my clients to work towards becoming aware of the mind, the emotions and the body. This helps to utilise the three powerful resources wisely and to become ‘whole’ and healthy.



If we depend too much on our mind, the chances are, we are run by our ego, the false sense of identity. Our ego believes that it is trying to protect us. This is far from the truth. As a result of our ego fixations, such as negative patterns, for example, we keep making same mistakes again and again or display the same dysfunctional behaviour, often over a long period of time. Once we become aware about our ego fixations, we can learn to identify unhealthy patterns and behaviour and create healthy choices.

Our mind is a powerful instrument if we learn to use it outside the realm of our ego. For example, it is excellent at solving problems. As John F Kennedy once said,

“Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource.”

Many people often do not realise that our emotions are not only healthy if dealt with appropriately but they can bring about huge insights and guide us to our freedom. Negative emotions from the past along with the associated memories get locked within us and can show up in our physical body as illnesses. Scientists have shown that over 80% of physical illnesses have negative emotional blocks as their source.
As Gary Zukove, American author and spiritual teacher, has said,

“When you welcome your emotions as teachers, every emotion brings good news, even the ones which are painful.”

If we pay attention to our body, we realise that when emotions are felt, there is a reaction in our body. We can learn to use our body as a barometer. For example, when we are about to make a decision, when we experience our feelings, there is usually a reaction in the body. This can then help us to see the distinction between good or bad decision. The body never lies and every part of the body has its own intelligence

You may find some of these tips useful:

  • Be aware of any strong emotions and find appropriate ways of releasing them. This will also help you to release negative memories which may have blocked within your cells. You may like to read The Journey by Brandon Bays, available from Amazon.
  • Forgive those who you believe may have generated negative emotions in you in the past. You do not have to condone their actions. Send them love and kindness. It was their behaviour which caused difficulties for you. At the soul level, everybody is pure and do not intend to cause any harm to others. When you have forgiven, you become free from harmful emotional attachment.
  • Don’t avoid your feelings through deliberate distractions, e.g. excessive amount of alcohol, comfort food and smoking.
  • Meditate to quieten the mind at least once a day. You will be amazed at the flow of creativity through your mind.
  • Learn to observe your behaviour so that you can identify unhealthy patterns and habits. You can then create healthy choices in relation to these.
  • Look after your body, take regular exercise, eat healthy food and avoid putting toxins in your body through smoking and consuming strong stimulants.

(c) Harish Davda  – 1 April 2014