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Qualities of authentic leaders

We can learn a great deal from authentic leaders. My favourite ones can be seen in the picture. They are household names and much has been written about them.

You […]

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Tapping into creativity

My therapy for tapping into creativity is listening to the waves on Bexhill beach. I enjoy the stillness. It sets me up for the day. Often, after such an […]

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Om: the sound of the universe

Recently, on a warm day when I was listening to the sound of waves on Bexhill on Sea beach, I heard the sound of Om. Om is believed to […]

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The dynamics of samsara


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In Eastern traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Jainism, samsara is the wheel of life which we all go through. People in the East believe that it […]

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The observer, the seer and the consciousness


It is now an established fact that we are not our pain or suffering, emotions, the mind and the physical body. Sounds strange! Let me give you an example:

Suppose […]

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Integrating the mind, body and emotions

There is a tendency for many people to live or be ‘in the mind’ or ‘in their emotions’. Often the intelligence of the body is forgotten or ignored.

In Journey […]

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