Approach & Fees

My Approach

The intention behind all the packages outlined above is personal transformation. I can also help, advise and coach clients to build authentic leadership skills in order to achieve organisational transformation.


At the heart of all the packages are Journey Processes to remove blockages, disempowering memories and beliefs at deep cellular level.

My work is not based Positive Mental Attitude, The Law of Attraction, Life Coaching or a similar methodology. I believe that such methodologies, while they are successful in the short term, do not remove deep emotional blockages. Often they are based on the use of temporary will power and mental strategies within which ego fixations may be actively working leading to ‘struggle and effort’ and even ‘burnout.’

Journey Processes are tailored in such a way that Source and/or your consciousness is the guide giving you – the client, a deep understanding of yourself and your authentic aspirations.

During processes, gentle meditation is skilfully used to make the client relax and get in touch with the intelligence in the emotions and the physical parts of the body. With some experience, clients are able to see that emotions are clearly felt in the physical body. The body never lies when emotions are felt. This helps the Practitioner to steer the client deeply through the outer layers of emotions so that core negative emotions can be identified and unblocked.

I work with my clients in the strictest of confidence, integrity and, with the best of my ability to be a resource for their transformation.

Every Journey Process is followed up by two short feedback sessions over the phone or Skype so that I can provide appropriate support and advice.

Thank you for reading these pages. If it calls you to work with me, it will be a joy for me to support you in your journey and be your resource.
My deep Namaste!

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Fees (Central London venues)

Emotional or Physical Journey Process – £195
Life Purpose Journey Process – £195
Designer Journey Process – £205
Ego Journey Process (using your Enneagram results) – £205

Short Journey Process – from £85

Individual coaching and group coaching/sessions – Price on application
Business transformation workshops – Price on application
Group coaching with group of managers combined with Journey processes – Price on application.
Mentoring sessions – price on application.
Overseas travel for Journey processes, coaching and workshops – Price on application.

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Allow up to 2.5 hours for each process.
Fees to be paid by PayPal, cheque or bank transfer at the time of booking.
Journey processes are offered one-to-one, on Skype or telephone.
Discounts are offered on 3 or more processes and on Skype if paid in advance.

Journey Processes are also offered in Bexhill on Sea and other venues in Sussex. Price on application.