The Reality and Benefits

Have you ever felt like this at any stage in your life?

  • No matter how hard I try, I feel short of getting where I want to get to in my work or business.
  • My relationship becomes unfulfilling after an initial excitement. It seems my familiar pattern of behaviour rules my life, even though I try very hard not to repeat the same mistakes.
  • Outwardly I appear successful, but deep down I feel that something is missing and I can’t quite put my finger on it.
  • My physical health is not as good as it ought to be. I lack drive and energy.
  • In spite of my skills and creativity, abundance is lacking in my life.
  • I have faced hard times in the past but my past doesn’t seem to appear to want to release its hold on me.


Emotions-ZukavThe explanation for any of the above is likely to be that strong negative emotions are locked as powerful memories at a cellular level within you. These memories then block your attempts to achieve personal transformation within yourself, and organisation transformation in your business or organisation.

Healing possibility - Brandon Bays

Journey Practitioners go through rigorous training to offer tailored solutions to remove emotional blocks. There are hundreds of accredited Journey Practitioners working in over 50 countries offering ‘Journey Processes’ to individuals from all walks of life. The clients have reported extraordinary results and fulfilment in their lives as a result of being able to access their inner resources. Many have transformed their lives and dealt with illnesses or physical issues which were caused by blocked negative emotions.

What is a Journey Process?

homeThe Journey Process, developed by Brandon Bays, an international trainer and mind-body expert, is a simple but profound method of accessing and dealing with repressed cell memories in the body. This then leads to relief in the mind and body and starts the process of healing and transformation. Brandon Bays developed the Journey Process through her personal and direct experience twenty years ago when she developed a large football-sized tumour in her stomach. As an expert in a variety of alternative therapies, Brandon realised that her life-threatening physical issue was the result of unhealthy emotions built up in her body over many years. She came across findings by scientists that over 80% of illnesses have their origin in blocked unhealthy emotions.

Letting go - Khalil Gibran

By developing and using a variety of healing methods Brandon Bays healed herself in seven weeks. She then developed Journey Processes which could be taught to other people and began to offer Journey Practitioners Programmes in 1999. Since then these cutting-edge processes not only enable clients to sort out any physical and emotional issues but also offer tools of transformation to become ‘free’ in achieving happiness and joy in many areas of their life. Brandon Bays’ experiences can be read in her fascinating book The Journey which can be purchased from Amazon and high street bookshops.

You may like to see this video and hear Brandon Bays giving some background information on Journey Process work.

The Benefits

In short, you will achieve personal transformation.

You will benefit from many of the following through tailored Journey Processes:

  • Substantial reduction in stress, anxiety and worry.
  • Removal of disempowering emotional blocks and memories at a very deep level.
  • Inner joy and satisfaction.
  • Understanding your feelings and being empowered by them.
  • Behaviour changes as a result of increase in personal awareness.
  • More personal drive, energy and productivity.
  • Better health, weight control and changing bad habits with empowering new ones in a more natural way.
  • Personal change without struggle and effort.
  • Successfully dealing with limiting and unhealthy beliefs from the past.
  • Vast improvement in personal and work-related relationships.
  • Substantial improvement in productivity at work.
  • Clarity of purpose at personal and business levels.
  • Increase in your creativity at a personal level and in your work.
  • Reduction or even disappearance of personal health issues including physical pain and medically diagnosed illness.
  • Experiencing and creating abundance.

Letting go-Deepak Chopra